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Keep Sentences Short—Use More Bulleted Lists

Keep Sentences Short—Use More Bulleted Lists

Creating content for your knowledge database doesn’t have to be complicated.
Here are a few tips from our experts:

Sentence length
When in doubt, it’s always best to keep sentences simple and straightforward, leaning towards many shorter sentence and fewer longer, complex ones. Writing long sentences is easy to do and often necessary when you want to get all of your ideas down for a first draft. However, do not use long sentences in your final document.

Keep the following in mind while you write and revise your documents:

  • Keep your sentences short—a maximum of 20 words.
  • Split long sentences into multiple sentences.
  • Limit each sentence to a maximum of one or two ideas.

Bulleted lists are your friend
The best way to write easy-to-follow instructions for your readers is to create bulleted lists. This helps to:

  • Draw the eye to key information.
  • Shorten text.
  • Group related information in easy-to-read sections.

Help your readers easily scan and find important topics
Your readers will likely prefer copy to be formatted so that scanning the page is easy and navigating to the most useful part of the page is made easier with bullets.

  • Keep bullet formatting consistent.
  • Use present tense action words (verbs) to begin each bullet.
  • Bold keywords and ideas to easily scan and find content.

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