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There Are Other Ways to Be Indispensable to Your Organization

Guest Post from Rose Bennett, Customer Enablement Manager, Panviva

There’s a widely held assumption that if you’re not overworking, you’re not working hard enough—making you unsuitable for promotion, responsibility and opportunity. You may feel like you can’t take a vacation because everything will crumble, or you can’t say “No” because it’ll appear as though you’re overburdened. In reality, though, if you are overworked, you’re not being as productive and effective as you should be, which could be impeding your success. Here are some ways to open your mind to working differently.

1. Prioritize. There’s a saying: “When everything is important, nothing is.” Most people overwork themselves because they feel that absolutely everything is important and, therefore, must be done. This mindset only leads to frustration, exhaustion and wasted time because tasks are not planned and prioritized. Some argue that prioritizing wastes valuable time up front, but in the end, you’ll save more than you think possible and will see concrete results.

2. Delegate. One person should not be the sole gatekeeper of information or responsibility. It’s understandable to want to save money by hiring one person to fill many roles, but it’s more valuable to get the job done right. Invest in knowledge-sharing technology and train people to step up and fill shoes when needed. Delegate certain projects to subordinates looking for extra opportunity or divide large projects into manageable pieces. Remember: expect quality, rather than perfection.

3. Practice self-care. Be indispensable by being a responsible, caring coworker who recognizes what’s important. Take time to maintain your health and happiness and, chances are, you’ll be better, stronger and more successful than before.

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