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What Telstra’s investment means to Panviva

When one of the world’s leading telcos and one of Australia’s largest companies invests in a small technology company like Panviva you can bet there is a plan. And you can also bet that it is an exciting plan. That’s the case here.

For the past two years Panviva has been on a fast ride to the cloud. SupportPoint Cloud was released in December 2013 and we now have customers accessing our cloud service across Australia, the UK and the USA.

This is a journey that never actually ends – the drive to deliver enterprise services in the cloud means ongoing product development to address the scale required by an increasingly large and global customer base with ever increasing functionality and security needs. And cloud requires new approaches to sales and marketing as the business model switches from an asset purchase to consumption of an on-demand service.

Telstra is on its own cloud journey, migrating the traditional telco lines of business in voice and data carriage to delivering cloud services and media, and expanding throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Telstra’s investment in Panviva brings these parallel strategies together. For Panviva it means more than just working capital to fund and accelerate our ambitious product development and global expansion plans. It also creates a partnership that will deliver SupportPoint to both Panviva and Telstra customers via Telstra’s massive cloud services delivery capability.

So Telstra’s investment is an event of major strategic significance to Panviva and we enthusiastically welcome Telstra to the Panviva family, and look forward to becoming part of theirs.

Read the announcement

Click to read the full media release on Telstra’s investment in Panviva.

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