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The value of analyst accolades

Panviva SupportPoint was the focus of a newly-published Analyst Perspective research note from Ventana Research, a business technology research and advisory services firm. Panviva Enables Smarter Customer Service examines the link between agent support and desktop capabilities and the quality of customer experience delivered. In his note, Richard Snow, VP & Research Director for Customer and Contact Center Research, identifies key issues, requirements and recommendations to help CSRs provide a better customer experience.

Industry analysts are – by nature, training and conditioning – skeptical, critical, richly-informed, and endowed with an acute BS meter when it comes to interactions with technology providers. And I would not have it any other way. You need to corroborate your claims and show, not just tell. Their value to any given sector of the tech market is objective assessment. That’s why after spending a good deal of time with Ventana, we are gratified with their perspective on SupportPoint.

Richard writes that “SupportPoint is an intriguing combination of business process management, content and knowledge management, enterprise search and CRM. SupportPoint provides all the capabilities of what I call a ‘smart desktop.’ It enforces consistent processes, can guide users in applications or substitute easier ways of accessing and inputting data, provides context for information and suggests next steps. Organizations that want to empower their customer service agents and help them achieve business goals should consider Panviva’s product.”

Ventana Research’s vendor-neutral benchmark research coupled with Richard’s firsthand contact center experience makes the Perspective on SupportPoint especially credible and useful to customer service executives. I was particularly pleased to hear Richard’s enthusiasm for, and deep understanding of, the strategic role contact center agents play in an organization’s success. He gets it in a way that only someone who has sold contact center and CRM solutions and delivered contact center consulting projects can.

Ventana’s benchmark Customer and Contact Center Research provides actionable insight into current and emerging industry issues. I encourage you to take a look for yourself. As the saying goes, “Consider the source.”

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