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Why being a Gartner Cool Vendor matters to Panviva

Everyone at Panviva is tremendously proud that our company has been selected by Gartner to be one of their ‘Cool Vendors’ in Business Process Management for 2014. While we all believe implicitly that we are doing great and creative work, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being recognized by an independent judge like Gartner. Gartner meets with and evaluates literally thousands of vendors globally each year, but only selects a handful in each category to be nominated their Cool Vendors, so we feel that we have been invited into a very exclusive club.

The Cool Vendor recognition also matters to our other stakeholders: our customers and prospective customers, our partners and our shareholders. For all, it validates the basis of the Panviva value proposition and affirms the innovation, originality and creativity that we have applied to the ongoing development of SupportPoint.

While the Cool Vendor program is far from being a beauty contest, it shares at least one characteristic of the Miss Universe contest – it’s a one-time thing. We can’t be a Cool Vendor again. But while beauty might fade with time, being named a Cool Vendor will spur the Panviva team onto greater heights of creativity and originality in our pursuit of developing simply the best business process guidance solution the world has ever seen.

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  • Read the full report on Gartner’s website (Gartner account required)

Ted Gannan

Ted Gannan co-founded Panviva after 20 years in a variety of senior management, sales, and editorial roles in the publishing industry, including Managing Director of Thomson Learning, Australia. Ted led the development of SupportPoint after identifying a need for an improved method of delivering ‘moment-of-need’ procedural and product knowledge to employees. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s growth worldwide.

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